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The Aziak Equipment Bino Clamp is currently offered in 6 sizes. Each size has some overlap to the size smaller and the size larger to allow some room for error when measuring your binos for sizing.


There are two methods for finding your size. If you have calipers, head to method 2, otherwise continue with method 1 below.  


Step 1

To get started you will need:

- Binoculars

-Short section of dental floss or other small diameter string

-Ruler/tape measure

-Sharpie (Not required, but helpful)


Step 2

Wrap the small section of string tightly around the binoculars and mark the location where the string completes one complete circle.

Note: We recommend mounting the bino clamp as close to the center of gravity of the binos as possible. Wrap the measuring string exactly where you want the bino clamp to be mounted. 


Step 3

Measure the length of the string with a ruler to get the circumference of your binoculars at the chosen mounting point. Compare with the sizing chart!

 Size           Smallest    Largest
Size 0          5"               5  13/16"
Size 1          5 11/16"    6  5/16"
Size 2          6  3/16"    6 13/16"
Size 3          6 11/16"    7  5/16"
Size 4          7  3/16"     8"


Step 1

Using calipers, take two measurements of the diameter of your binoculars at the chosen location for the clamp. Not all binoculars are perfectly round (molded features in the rubber coating are common) so take an approximate average of these two measurements.  


Step 2

Compare the diameter measurements you took with the chart!

 Size          Smallest  Largest
Size 0          1.600       1.840
Size 1           1.810       2.010
Size 2          1.970       2.160
Size 3          2.130       2.320
Size 4          2.280       2.550
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