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Our Founder, Rydell Reinbold, was born and raised in the great state of Alaska. It enabled him tremendous opportunities to explore the outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, biking, boating and more. From an early age he was always mechanically oriented, and that meant he always had his gear dialed. After high school he made the decision to pursue an engineering degree at Montana State University (for the school...not the outdoor opportunities of course).  He always tinkered with his gear and made modifications along the way. After years of making modifications on just his own gear, he decided to start a business. With a humble start and just a few products, Aziak Equipment was founded.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Aziak Equipment is pretty simple:

Make equipment that is light, functional, and durable in order to provide outdoorsmen with the best gear on the market.  

 Our first product, the Bino Clamp, is just that. No moving parts, no pieces to leave behind in the truck, low profile enough to stow in a bino harness, and weighs just 1/3 oz. 

More products are in the works, so be sure to stay tuned and check back often! 

We Proudly Support:
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