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  • What size Bino Clamp do I need?
    The Bino Clamp comes in 6 sizes to fit nearly every make and model of binocular on the market. To find your size check out our COMPATIBILITY page. If your model isn't listed on the compatibility page, we still likely have a size that fits your binos, but just havent had our hands on your exact model yet to test fit. In that case, head over to our SIZING page to get some quick measurements in about 30 seconds that will get what size you need.
  • How do I install my Bino Clamp?
    Great question! Simply head over to the INSTALLATION page to see detailed installation instructions.
  • What tripod heads will your carbon fiber handle fit?
    The Aziak Equipment Carbon Fiber handle will fit the Sirui VA-5/AM5-V as well as the Benro S2/S4 tripod heads.
  • Do you have a Guide/LEO/Military Discount?
    Absolutely! Please use the email above and we will get you set up. We just require verification (with any sensitive info blacked out) and will set you up with a code to use on the website!

Bino Clamp Compatibility Chart

Click the dropdowns below to find your exact model of Binoculars and the compatible Bino Clamp Size!

Don't see your model listed? We still have a model that will fit, but haven't been able to measure to know which size. Follow the button below  to head over to measurement instructions to get your size in about 30 seconds. 

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