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Carbon Fiber Handle (Sirui VA-5/Benro S2 + S4)

Carbon Fiber Handle (Sirui VA-5/Benro S2 + S4)

An excellent lightweight upgrade for your Sirui or Benro tripod head! This carbon fiber handle weighs a mere 1/2 oz and shaves tons of weight from the unnecessarily heavy stock tripod handle without any sacrifice in performance.

  • Specifications

    Weight: 0.5 oz

    Material: Carbon Fiber

  • Tripod Head Fitment

    Sirui VA-5

    Sirui AM-5V

    Benro S2

    Benro S4

  • Installation

    To install the Carbon Fiber handle in the Sirui VA-5

    1. Locate and unscrew the thumb screw that holds the stock handle in place. 
    2. Remove the small o-ring from the end of the screw threads. This will enable you to pull the screw through the handle clamp. 
    3. Once the screw is removed, remove the stock handle from the clamp. 
    4. Insert the new Carbon Fiber Handle into the clamp. Align the hole in the carbon handle so that the screw can pass perpendiculary though it. 
    5. Reinstall the o-ring on the end of the threads. 
    6. Thread the thumb screw back into the body of the tripod head. 

$29.99 Regular Price
$23.99Sale Price
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