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Step 1

Grab your Binos and ensure all included hardware is present:

-Bino Clamp

-1/16" Allen Key

-3X 4-40 Screws (1/2", 3/4" and 1" Length)

-4-40 Square Nut

-1/4-20 Hex Nut

Step 2

If you will be attaching a quick release plate (i.e. not using the built in arca swiss dovetail) install the 1/4-20 Hex nut into the base of the bino clamp.

Step 3

Place the bino clamp over your binoculars in the preferred location. I recommend as close to the center of gravity as possible. Make sure the slot for the square nut is towards the center of the binos - then install the nut.

Step 4

Choose the appropriate length screw (the one that engages the thread - but doesn't stick out too far!) Then gently tighten the screw, but do not over torque - only the long end of the allen key should be used. The clamp should be tight enough that it doesn't spin at all on your binos. 

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