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Frontcountry Ball Head

Frontcountry Ball Head

The Frontcountry Ball Head is designed to be a full size and fully featured head to meet all your glassing needs. While not as light as the Backcountry Light, it makes up for it in robustness, stability and ease of use. The main usage for this head will be for mounting to larger tripods (like the Frontcountry we offer) for use when weight isn’t the #1 concern.


Main Design Features:

  • Robust: Large oversize Ball (1.25"), deep knurling, and heavy-duty knobs make this a tough and durable tripod head. 
  • Adaptable: We wanted this head to be great for both shooting and glassing, so we included a 'Tilt Lock Knob'. This allows you to lock the ball into a single axis of motion, thus turning the head into a pan/tilt head when you don’t want the full ball head motion. 
  • Easy to Use: Main Ball lock has an aggressive knurled face, and offers a minimum tension set point.
  • Highly Compatible: Arca Swiss Dovetail and 3/8-16UNC base for maximum compatibility across all tripods. 
  • Compact: A height of just 3.2" gives a low center of gravity and saves space in the pack.
  • Specifications

    • Weight: 12 oz (with Quick Release Plate)
    • Load Capacity: 35 lb
    • Height: 3.2"
    • Base Width: 1.9"
    • Ball Diameter: 1.25"
    • Base Socket: 3/8-16 UNC
    • Material: Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Lockable 360° Panoramic Base
    • Oversized ball lock knob with minimum tension control
    • Arca Swiss Compatible (Plate Included)
    • Color: Black and Graphite
    • Made in China
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